Lucio Crusca lucio at
Thu Nov 6 12:15:26 UTC 2008

Hello *,

I used to have a semi-working Intrepid (upgraded from Hardy), that means it
used to playback sounds ok, but no capture from the usb webcam microphone.
In a desperate trial to make the audio capture work, I messed up the
alsaconf settings at large (maxed and unmuted every and all volume bars,
then muted some of them again, more or less randomly). Now the playback
does not work anymore, let alone the audio capture...

Is there a way to restore the original (Ubuntu default) alsaconf settings?
Ah, btw, I've also jibbled a bit with asoundconf... now when I run alsaconf
I get only PulseAudio master volume bar, but if I run it with

alsaconf -c 0

I get the usual VIA soundcard volume bars (with my messed up settings)...

Please help, my inclination now is to reinstall Intrepid from scratch, but I
hope there's a better solution.

Thanks in advance,

Virtual Bit di Lucio Crusca

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