So.. what do you see in the ink-blot experiment that is the new Intrepid background?

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Wed Nov 5 18:45:20 UTC 2008

Cybe R. Wizard wrote:

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>> Yes, that is why I choose to use the word goat. In my language goat,
>> ibex, and sheep are all part of the Tzon family (just like ducks,
>> geese, and heron are all of the Fowl family). I am surprised that
>> there is no word for it in English.

Of course there is!  You're entirely right that they're goats (Genus Capra). 
However, strictly ducks geese and heron aren't of the Fowl _family_. 
They're all birds (class = Aves), but the Fowl are an Order (larger than a
Family) called "gallinaceous birds" (chickens!), ducks and geese
are "anseriformes" (goose-like, "Waterfowl") and herons
are "Ciconiiformes" - more closely related to Eagles and Hawks than Geese.

> I think the word you look for is ruminants.

At the "Family" level, they're Bovines (Bovidae).  Spending way too much
time around biologists (and particularly taxonomists) I'm handy with  Unfortunately, that means I'm _not_ sure just where
ruminants fit in.

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