Installing 3 OS.

Robert Hodgins ehodgins at
Wed Nov 5 18:46:21 UTC 2008

On Wed, 2008-11-05 at 11:38 -0700, Mike Adolf wrote:
> I now have Ubuntu 8.04 and Vista dual boot on one internal drive. I also
> have a second internal drive on which I want to put Ubuntu 8.10 but I
> want to install it in such a way that my current grub does not know it
> is there. When I want to run 8.10 I would like to interrupt the boot
> process and reset the boot order to boot first off the second internal
> drive on which an independent grub knows nothing about the other two OS.
> How can this best be achieved?
Wow! Uh, how about fiddling with the BIOS settings?

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