Do I need to worry about viruses and defragmentation?

NoOp glgxg at
Wed Nov 5 01:22:26 UTC 2008

On 11/04/2008 10:40 AM, markfpyles wrote:
> Hi everyone:
> I was just wondering since I am just coming off of a windows machine whether
> or not I need to have some type of anti-virus software installed and also if
> I need to worry about defragmentation. Thanks.
> I am using a Dell Inspiron laptop running Ubuntu 8.04. Thanks.

Perhaps these will help:

Basically, yes it is wise to explore and even install, antivirus
software _depending upon your environment_ (see the info in the above).
However, for the most part it is not necessary.
  In other words: when you first fire up a Windows system, the first
thing that you do is install AV, antispyware, antiadware, etc., etc.,
but none of that is necessary in linux... unless of course you do some
of the listed activities in

For example: I have multiple dualboot systems (Windows & Linux) and
quite often share files between the system on a regular basis. Now, I
practice save hex & web browsing etc., but I also do a lot of testing
for customers on the Windows drive/partition. So, I actually do use an
AV to scan the Windows drive from linux, and even use the Windows AV to
scan the linux drive. My situation, as they say in the weight loss
commercials, is not typical. So I take added precautions.

On other machines that I own (laptop for example) I only run linux, so
no, no AV is installed and I never worry about it. Same for linux only
machines that I install for both customers, relatives, friends.

As for defragmentation, this will help:

You should bookmark the following for future reference:

Welcome to Ubuntu :-)

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