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> Subject: HELP PLEASE
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> Date: Monday, November 3, 2008, 12:34 PM
> hi
> ive just installed ubuntu linux server 8.04LTS
> it has no desktop, just scripting so i am very unfamiliar
> to it, i would
> really appreciate it if someone could help me with a few
> questions
> i have ubuntu 8.04 LTS desktop edition on a second pc both
> pcs are connected
> via LAN i would like to set it up so i can log onto the
> server via the lan
> and be able to be admin and install programs set it up
> using a desktop. is
> that possible
> then
> i dont know it ive missed it or what but is there any
> chance of getting a
> desktop on the server?
> i know these are very stupid questions but its totally
> foreign to me and
> would really appreciate it.
> thanks
I've never used a server addition in my life but having read the list I know that the server addition doesn't come with any desktop by default.  You can install anyone you like if you want one.
>From the command line:

sudo aptitude install Ubuntu-desktop

or any other desktop of your choice.  You don't need to involve your desktop pc to do this.

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