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Mon Nov 3 15:38:30 UTC 2008

On Mon, Nov 3, 2008 at 7:34 AM, Karl Larsen <k5di at> wrote:
> Chris Rees wrote:
>> 2008/11/2 Karl Larsen <k5di at>:
>>>    You can get as mad as you care to. I am disappointed that 8.10 does
>>> not support many of the NVIDIA versions. But I have done all that you
>>> can do and it will not work. So stay with Hardy and this list and some
>>> day the guys who fix things will figure out how to fix this .
>> Give it a rest will you Karl? This is not helpful. You did this with Hardy too.
>> Nvidia says your graphics card should be supported, so that shouldn't
>> be a problem
>> SubSection "Display"
>>                 Modes   "1024x768"
>> You've definately put this line in here?
>> Chris
>    Chris you have not Googled Ubuntu 8.10 and NVIDIA GeForce 6100 but I
> have. And I have a partition with 8.10 set up in it and it does not
> work. There appear to be many other people with GeForce 6100 that can
> not get it to work.
>    Also on the Ubuntu bug list there is a growing number of problems
> with NVIDIA. So that is the way it is.
>    Hardy works fine with GeForce 6100 NVIDIA and so does Gutsy, But not
> Intrepid.
> Karl
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The issue is isn't properly detecting my monitor which is then
limiting what resolution I can set.  I've gone back to Kubuntu 8.04
since its the only distro right now that actually lets you manually
change your monitor settings within X.  There's no way within X to
change your monitor settings in Ubuntu 8.04, Ubuntu 8.10 and Kubuntu
8.10 as well as Xubuntu 8.04 and 8.10.  Xubuntu shocked the hell out
of me since its designed for low-end machines and you can't manually
adjust your monitor settings, at least not easily from within X like
you used to be able to with Gutsy.

Linux zealots may not see this as a problem, but Mark Shuttleworth is
targeting Ubuntu at average home users ... ordinary people ... not
Linux Gurus like most of you here.  These are people who know how to
turn the computer on and click on icons and that's about it.  Its
problems like this, which I've tried to explain before, that will
"prevent" Ubuntu from being adopted by more people than it should.
Eventually the situation is going to piss Mr. Shuttleworth off because
a simple to fix limitation of the software is keeping people from
adopting ubuntu and increasing the market share of Linux.  Reading
about his views and listening to him in Podcasts and interviews I'm
fairly certain he'd want this problem fixed quickly.  In many ways
this worse than the problem of Ubuntu not supporting a lot of WiFi

I'm going to stick with Kubuntu 8.04 until I "know" this problem is fixed.

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