Problem with Running Ubuntu on Old Machine

Eberhard Roloff tuxebi at
Mon Nov 3 14:15:21 UTC 2008

ksh shrm wrote:
> Hey,
> I tried running Ubuntu 7.04 Live DVD which I got with my Digit Magazine.
> But it sucked.
> It was never able to get booted.
> My System conf is
> p 4 2.4GHz
> 256 MB DDR 333Mhz RAM
> I guess, Ubuntu shud identify my system resources first and then boot 
> accordingly like the Dynebolic, but it didn't booted.
> I know my system is old but is there any way to taste Ubuntu. I know 
> it's cool since they removed a lot geeky things at startup and made UI easy.
> ANyone  Help please.
> -- 
> adios
> People don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care...
Your machine is absolutely ok for anything Linux related.
The only problem: Your RAM is not sufficient to have fun with it. I.e. 
RAM (or better lack of it) is what currently strangles your machine and 
prevents it from offering you the potential that is has.

Go out and buy a RAM upgrade. 512 MB is the absolute minimum, 1 GB is ok 
and more will be (nearly) a dream come true.

Imho, on a machine like this, more than 2 GB rarely make sense.

Kind regards
Kubuntu P4/2.4/1.5GB

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