How do you activate single mouse click in gnome

bqz69 bqz69 at
Mon Nov 3 10:52:39 UTC 2008

I have been using kde for years, and am used to it by habit, so I can work 
real fast.

Then I installed ubuntu 8.10, and suddenly kde 3.5.10 was gone, only 4.1 was 

That is one of the greatest chocks in my linux time (I have been on linux 
since redhat 4.9).  *humour - serious*

I have tried kde 4.1 from time to time, but it is not ripe for me yet.

So suddenly you press kde 4.1 down over ones head (almost like microsoft 
policy) - I would like to choose myself when time come.

Now I try to learn gnome, but gnome seems to decide what my mouse does, I also 
like to be in command, so now I will slowly try to learn both kde 4.1 and 
gnome, but I am again using ubuntu 8.04 wiht kde 3.5.10.

I do not blame anybody, but if you want NEWBIES to use ubuntu, you have to 
think matters over seriously ( I think).

I am using firefox when konqueror does not work well, so I interexchange using 
the two, and that works very well for me.

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