monitor mode with orinoco driver?

stan stanb at
Mon Nov 3 02:35:44 UTC 2008

I am trying to get kismet working on my 8.04 laptop. The laptop has a built
in Broadcom wireless chipset, and to use it I need to sue the non free
driver. So, I was not surprised when kismet told me that it could not set
monitor mode for this diver.

So, I dug out an Orinoco card, eluded it in, and it stared working Great I
am thinking. So, I changed the sources line in kismet.conf, and tried to
fire up kismet. But it still complained thta it could not set monitor mode
on this card. Hmm, I thought strange. So I downloaded the latest Orinoco
drivers. But the readme for them says that the latest drive should  be
included in the kernel, and that I should not have to install these drivers
by hand.

So, is monitor mode turned off in the Orinoco driver supplied with Ubuntu?

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