Why is HAL being made the default when it's not ready?

Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Sun Nov 2 17:27:01 UTC 2008

Dave M G wrote:

> Derek, Mario,
> Thank you for responding.
> Derek said:
>> The new hal _settings_, not hal as such.  Hal has been around a long
>> time, but hal hasn't been handling _your_ little bit of hardware.

> I get that HAL has been around, and that it's only particular settings
> that have changed... but so what? That distinction is mere semantics.
> Let me state it more accurately, then: The new HAL *settings* have made
> Wacom tablets a pain in the ass.
> The "OP" is fully aware of the situation, and so far this seems to be a
> case of not getting any technical help, but instead getting apologist
> explanations for things that don't work.

Please don't blame us for not being helpful when you start by making wild &
inaccurate statements.  It's _not_ mere semantics, because you have told us
that hal is too primitive to be used, and you're just flat out wrong.  

> So my original question stands - when is HAL going to be made to
> actually work, or, failing that, are alternate options available?

HAL works.  Even on your system, it would seem hal is working.  

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