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Sun Nov 2 03:26:42 UTC 2008

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Bart Silverstrim wrote:
> I managed to get an HP 3505n on sale for $450 and am looking to 
> configure it on the network soon. It was a display model, and I was told 
> I can return it within 14 days if it doesn't work properly...must be 
> they were trying to get rid of it because it was discontinued or 
> something. After telling me the distributor warehouse probably didn't 
> have anymore and I would only be able to get the floor model if I wanted 
> the sale price they tried to sell me a hundred dollar support contract 
> (if you can't get anymore of them, how are you going to keep getting 
> parts for it down the road?)
> Anyone have experience with these printers on the network working with 
> Ubuntu? I had a similar printer once that kept having paper feed 
> problems, but it was a different model, and where I work we normally 
> have had good luck with HP printers so I wrote the problematic system 
> off as a fluke.
> Experiences to share would be appreciated, especially if it helps with 
> setup or things to look out for before the "return" period expires...
> -Bart

is this is it?   looks like a nice color laserjet for 450 but only thing
id be worried about is the $ of cartriges, a quick google showed about
150 a piece. ouch. maybe theres refill ones to look into...

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