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On Sat, 2008-11-01 at 14:50 +0000, Frans wrote:


> So I tried the other method quoted above:
> Edit > Plugins > New Mail Notifications.
> Under Edit > Plugins there is no 'New Mail Notifications' plugin
> but there /is/ a 'Mail Notifications' plugin listed.
> I selected that and under the tab 'configuration' I got the option to 
> choose the audible notification.
> When I hit 'play' I got the system beep, changing to 'play sound
> and hitting 'play' I got no sound, although the sound file I had
> plays fine with aplay ...
> At least the help system is inaccurate.
> Maybe you should file a bug report on Launchpad.
> Good luck!
>     -Frans
> Thanks.  I tried the same thing and though I now have it set to NOT >
> play
> a system beep but play another sound file, I get no sound from it even
> when i test it in the configuration mode.  Seems to be an Evolution
> bug.  :(
> Rob

Nevermind.  I had to reboot to get into XP briefly and when I came back
to Ubuntu it worked.  Guess you have to reboot (or at least close
Evolution and re-open -- you may try that first) for it to work.


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