Intrepid upgrade broke Network Manager

Walter Garcia-Fontes walter.garcia at
Sat Nov 1 21:38:53 UTC 2008

* Marius Gedminas [01/11/08 15:33]:
> The Network Manager applet didn't start up automatically for me when I
> upgraded to Intrepid on my laptop.  I had to manually run it (Alt+F2,
> type nm-applet, press Enter) and then it worked fine.  I checked the
> GNOME session preferences and it showed that nm-applet was supposed to
> start up automatically.

Same thing here. After running nm-applet from the command line,
Network manager comes up in my gnome panel. I configured also a 3G
modem, great job was done for the interface! 

But sometimes after disconnecting it
disappears from Network Manager. After editing it without changing
anything it comes back. 


Walter Garcia-Fontes               

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