Ubuntu upgrade gone bad

cavaughan cavaughan at gmail.com
Sat Nov 1 18:55:35 UTC 2008

> Great, if you can get in, check /etc/apt/sources.list, and also the
> content of /etc/apt - do you see the backups of the hardy version of the
> files? 
> Try to run "sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude--simulate
> full-upgrade". Does the output look ok?

Odd problem with your suggestion though is that the keyboard doesn't 
work on the login GUI screen.
So, I went over to a terminal, logged in there. I did look at my
sources.list. All uncommented entries were for Intrepid Ibex. 
I ran apt-get update only to discover that I had no network. In fact
there was no /etc/interfaces directory!!!! But it suggested I run
dpkg --configure -a (I believe that was the exact command).
So, it is running right now. We'll see what happens.

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