Google madness

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Sat May 31 22:07:41 UTC 2008

I would get a different search engine such as dogpile or yahoo.

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Date: Sun May 04 08:56:14 PDT 2008
From: Vincent Trouilliez 
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On Sun, 04 May 2008 09:44:49 -0600
Karl Larsen  wrote:

>     I hope I am not the only one who has a constant internet thing going 
> to Google. 

I noticed recently sometihng like that, yes. 
Often, after loading a website, it tries to connect to
"google-analytics" or something. Wastes time, and sometimes just hangs
because that google thing doesn't always respond instantly.

> I killed Google and the Internet stopped being busy.
> So now I will bring up Google only when I use it.

Sounds great, but what do you mean by "killing" Google exactly. What
have you done to stop websites from trying to connect to that
google-analytics site ? Did you put google-analytics in the "black list"
of the ad-blocker for example ?

Thanks for sharing your findings ;-)



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