Simplest way of setting a share folder

Ansgar Burchardt ansgar at
Sat May 31 19:27:51 UTC 2008


Rick <rick0009 at> writes:
> Want a Share Folder on the Notebook,
> Where on my desktop top there is that share folder,
> where I can drop items into it, and it would copy them
> to the notebook.
> Then when switching back to the notebook, the item, would
> be in that folder.

Did you consider using sftp?  It should do the trick if you just want to
copy files around, but not if you want to open files *directly* from the
other computer.

You need to install an ssh server (package openssh-server) on the
computer that has the files you want to access remotely.  Then you can
in either Nautilus [1] (if you are using GNOME) or Konqueror (if you are
using KDE).  If the username is the same on both computers you can even
omit it.

If you do not like the password prompt, you can setup public key
authentication as described in [2] (section "Public key authentication").

Note that you should have reasonable secure passwords for this as ssh
also allows execution of arbitrary commands.


[1] I do not use GNOME, so this might be a bit different.

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