Lowering phone expense, Which VOIP do people on the forum use?

steve sfreilly at roadrunner.com
Sat May 31 17:36:16 UTC 2008

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Rajiv Vyas wrote:
| Debating between Gizmo 5 and Skype. Goal is to use it on 8.04 as well
| as a regular phone. I am looking for good call quality, flexibility
| (desktop, cell as well as a regular phone instrument), and low
| expense. Which and how people use VOIP on this forum.
| I use Vonage and cell phone but am thinking about getting rid of
| Vonage and switching to Skype. With certain instruments, you don't
| need to have the computer on to use a Skype phone and the annual
| expense is a fraction of what I pay Vonage.
|>From what little research I've done so far, Gizmo 5, is more flexible
| and cheaper, but can't be used when the computer is not on and hence
| is not a total replacement for Vonage.
| Thanks,
| Rajiv

skype here piped through a dlink router and then the rest of the phones
in the house.  works well for me, been using it for about 3 years. calls
use to drop a lot in the beginning, but havent had a drop in cant
remember how long now..... ill put it this way, my cell drops more
often.  only thing that sucks is the software only runs on windows, so
its set up on my sons only windows box in the house.  sent countless
emails to dlink and skype to open source the drivers or port the
software to linux, but they both refuse.

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