Lowering phone expense, Which VOIP do people on the forum use?

debian debiani386 at gmail.com
Sat May 31 17:32:06 UTC 2008

On Sat, 2008-05-31 at 18:57 +0200, Clayton wrote:
> > Debating between Gizmo 5 and Skype. Goal is to use it on 8.04 as well
> > as a regular phone. I am looking for good call quality, flexibility
> > (desktop, cell as well as a regular phone instrument), and low
> > expense. Which and how people use VOIP on this forum.
> >
> > I use Vonage and cell phone but am thinking about getting rid of
> > Vonage and switching to Skype. With certain instruments, you don't
> > need to have the computer on to use a Skype phone and the annual
> > expense is a fraction of what I pay Vonage.
> >
> > From what little research I've done so far, Gizmo 5, is more flexible
> > and cheaper, but can't be used when the computer is not on and hence
> > is not a total replacement for Vonage.
> I use Ekiga with a 3rd party VoIP provider called FreeCall.  Call
> rates are half of Skypes, and I find the call quality is much better.
> C.
im using skype atm. i dont know how much ekiga charges (if any), but i
know that you can either pay as you go basically (you know, pay per
call) or you can pay a monthly bill.

besides skype is compatible with alot of platforms (some game consoles
even) I use skype on my psp and it works just fine. thinking about ekiga
on ubuntu on the ps3 once they start incorperating microphone support
for ubu on the ps3


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