Old Toshiba laptop not seeing all the screen under 8.04

Jeffrey Tooker Jeffreytooker at frontiernet.net
Fri May 30 20:40:39 UTC 2008

Steven Davies-Morris wrote:
> Jeffrey Tooker wrote:
>> Steven Davies-Morris wrote:
>>> The laptop is an 8 year old Toshiba Satellite Pro 4600. The VGA 
>>> controller is a Cyberblade/XP by Trident.  This morning on a whim I put 
>>> Hardy 8.04 on it, a clean replace of "Darya" Mint Linux 4.0 (based on 
>>> Feisty).  Now I only get 800 resolution and a ton of unusable black 
>>> space around the edges.  When I go into the Screen Resolution tool it 
>>> won't offer many anything greater than 800.  What's my next move?
>> Steven:
>> Have you tried
>> "sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg"
>> This reconfigures the graphics for your system by your choices. These are determined by the characteristics of your system.  Hope this helps.
>> Jeffrey Tooker
> The only thing it asked me about was my keyboard.  What file is this 
> screen resolution information stored in?  I'd be quite happy to go an 
> edit that directly to tell it what resolution I want it to use.
I am in Gutsy, and new at this. There is a GUI for xorg at 
System>Administration>Xserver-xorg. This allows manual setting of 
values. You are probably more familiar with graphics than I. There are 
warnings about using the GUI. The standard warning is back up xorg so if 
things go bad you can at least get back to where you were.

Best of luck.

Jeffrey Tooker

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