Derek Broughton news at
Fri May 30 20:06:26 UTC 2008

Karl Larsen wrote:

>     Please do NOT read anything I write. You have a way to make it sound
> bad. Just shut up. Thank you.

Gee Karl, you manage that all on your own.  Please do NOT write anything you
write, and we won't all have to keep an eye on you.

Karl, you could be a valuable resource here: you obviously have the time to
devote to the list, and the inclination to investigate.  Unfortunately you
insist on responding to problems you don't understand, with solutions that
are often just plain wrong.  Then, when you have your own problems, instead
of just accepting the ones that work, you have to complain that some number
of people gave you solutions that didn't - that's simply uncharitable and

If you just gave solutions that were less than optimal, none of us would
have a problem with you - this is Linux, and there are a number of ways to
solve practically any problem.  For instance, yesterday you suggested
somebody use fdisk to reformat a USB stick.  It wouldn't be my choice, but
it was probably as good as my choice, so I didn't say a thing.  But one
time you told somebody that he had *no choice* but to reinstall Ubuntu. 
That may even have been the best solution - it can be done pretty quickly
and when you've totally b0rked the system, it's handy - but it is _never_
the only solution, and telling someone to reinstall (necessarily involving
reformats of partitions) _always_ risks loss of data when somebody fails to
backup something they never thought was necessary.

So until you start to think your responses through, I and others will keep
reading your posts and will keep criticizing you when you mislead.

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