tracker problems....

Rick rick0009 at
Fri May 30 17:00:16 UTC 2008

There seems to be something wrong with tracker (searching)

Have 2 external drives, one contains older emails, and pdf documents,
the other contains, video and music & jpeg files.

When I first used tracker, I could just type in
"chicken soup" and it would display any match 10 per page, with a brief
description. (normal)

However, after several updates, these past couple of weeks,
I went to use the "Tracker Search Engine", to make
"Chicken Soup" needed to print out the recipe... and I know
for a fact, I have over 200 recipe on various version...

and did find them... including some emails, and .pdf and other text
files... HOWEVER ! when selecting documents Tracker ONLY display ONE
document, with a brief description. ONLY ONE, not the usually 10, and
then I would just click on the left arrow for the next pages.... etc

When I select emails, the all display just find, but the "All Files"
and Documents did not display more than ONE. item, when showing over
100's of the found.

So.. is this a New Bug? or a corrupted database, or something needs to
be turn on "again"

Need Help
Thanks x 2


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