virtualbox-error -1908

Doug Stewart dastew at
Thu May 29 22:53:03 UTC 2008

Alfred JILKA wrote:
> Before you go ahead and think: one more lazy guy, RTFM, I'd like to tell 
> you: I did.
> And even some more pages on the net.
> My system: AMD 64, 2GB Ram, free diskspace to play around: 180GB
> Virtualbox is Version 1.5.6_OSE (from adept_manager installed)
> Suggestions were:
> reinstall the *generic driver. -> no go
> modify the vboxdrv, restart the system. -> no go
> run vboxdrv with option "setup". This one was removed, as stated inside 
> the script. -> no joy
> Tried to look into the logs. There are none...
> Looked into dmesg. No errors, even no mention of vboxdrv or similar.
> Downloaded 1.6.0 and ran the file, but it stopped with the really 
> intelligent errormessage:
> (After telling me, that the archive is ok)
> "there were errors encountered which might prevent VB from running. 
> Please correct them"
> At least to that effect.
> Any more ideas ?
> TIA, Alfred
I had this problem and in my case it was a mismatch between the Kernel 
and virtualbox
I had Kernel 2.6.24-17 and virtualbox wanted kernel 2.6.24-16

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