Heads up for people with Wireless in Hardy, especially Intel Wireless IPW adapters

Paul Johnson pauljohn32 at gmail.com
Thu May 29 17:42:51 UTC 2008

I came to Ubuntu from Fedora 8, where they were a bit ahead of Ubuntu
in introducing the iwl3945 driver for Intel IPW3945 wireless and also
they had a bit newer version of Network Manager.

In Hardy Heron, the wireless works in some places, but the led never
turns on.  It was the same in Fedora 8 before updates were released.
I don't have the wireless working quite as well as it was in Fedora,
but I have made some progress.

For Hardy, I've found that it is possible to get newer packages that
will make the wifi led turn on (but not flicker to show activity, yet)
and also a newer version of Network Manager.

Here are some links on how you can get the "backported" iwl3945 kernel driver:

This one explains the general idea:

But as far as I can tell, it did not install the modules completely,

Following these more terse instructions:


Did install another deb package and after a FULL REBOOT, the led light
does work and I'm able to connect to some, but not all, wireless
access points.  (contrary to reports, the LED did not turn on until I
rebooted.  unloading and reloading the iwl3945 module was not enough).

And here is information on how you can upgrade the NetworkManager and
nm-applet to version 0.7 from svn.

"How to: Install Network Manager 0.7 SVN on Hardy"

If you install that, you get finer-grained control over which wireless
site you connect to and also there is a possibility to configure
static ip addresses.

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