How do I install a bin file?

Pat Brown pat.mysterywriter at
Thu May 29 15:59:57 UTC 2008

Doug Stewart wrote:
> Pat Brown wrote:
>> How can I install a bin file from a terminal? I have GoogleEarth and I 
>> tried installing it with the Package Manager before but though it seemed 
>> to install would never show up anywhere as an app to run. I can find a 
>> lot of various files when I unpack the downloaded bin file, but I have 
>> no idea how to run them, or even what to run. Does anyone here use 
>> GoogleEarth? I tried signing up for the GoogleEarth help list, but the 
>> advice I got was next to useless - I could never find the files where 
>> people said they were.
>> I'm stumped. I'd like to use GoogleEarth, but it looks like I should 
>> have kept my Windows partition to do so.
> follow the instructions at Google earth
> here they are
>     How do I install Google Earth on Linux machines?
> You can download and install Google Earth for Linux by following these 
> instructions:
> 1. Visit
> 2. Click on the "Linux" radio button under the category Beta (Version 
> 4), and select "Download Google Earth."
> 3. Open a terminal window/console and navigate to your default downloads 
> directory. Enter the following command in the directory: > sh 
> GoogleEarthLinux.bin
> 4. Follow the prompts to complete the installation. The default location 
> for the program is "/usr/local/google/google-earth." If Google Earth was 
> installed in its default location, you can launch it using the following 
> command: > /usr/local/google/google-earth/googleearth
The sh command worked. It's now installed. Thanks.

Pat Brown
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