wireless problems in 8.04

Paul Johnson pauljohn32 at gmail.com
Thu May 29 15:58:17 UTC 2008

I don't think Network Manager is supposed to work with static IP at
the current time. For me, it is necessary to tell the nm-applet to
turn off networking, and then I configure and start the static IP
manually, the old fashioned way.

The NM from the svn server will allow the use of static IP addresses.
There is a thread about it here:
 "How to: Install Network Manager 0.7 SVN on Hardy"

On my system, that approach works pretty well.  There are just a few
wireless routers that I can't connect to, and I have had the same
problem in Fedora Linux 8 in the past.  Fedora upgraded the kernel and
Network Manager about 2 months ago, and then everything started to
work for me, and I'm hoping Ubuntu will catch up.  I don't know if the
fixes concern the Intel ipw3945 driver (iwl3945) or NetworkManager,
actually, I just know that the wireless led started to work and I
could connect everywhere.


On 5/27/08, Rein Mann <reica at bigpond.com> wrote:
> Rein Mann <reica <at> bigpond.com> writes:
>> Also I have to disable (deny) the 'keyring applet' and insert the WPA
>> password
>> everytime I boot up.
> I now discovered that the keyring applet requires the admin password. Once
> this
> is set the WPA passphrase is no longer asked for.
> But I still have not solved the Static IP problem.
> Rein
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