Ubuntu 8.04 and Xen for Win XP guest?

Steven Davies-Morris sdavmor at systemstheory.net
Thu May 29 04:13:07 UTC 2008

NoOp wrote:
> On 05/28/2008 05:10 PM, Steven Davies-Morris wrote:
>> Caleb Marcus wrote:
>>> I have had good results with VirtualBox.
>> Me too. It was easy to set up the virtual environment and easy to
>> install my old copy of WinXP.
>>> On Thu, 2008-05-29 at 01:55 +0300, Mihamina Rakotomandimby (R12y)
>>> wrote:
>>>> Hi, Ubuntu 7.10 and Xen has been a bit painfull for me. Does some
>>>> user have experience on setting up an HVM Windows XP guest on a
>>>> Ubuntu 8.04 host? Could that one please post some feedback of the
>>>> setup?
>> My only unresolved issue is getting access to my 2 USB printers from
>> within the virtual. Other than that its working well for the couple of
>> "must have" windows apps I use.
> For USB support you need to install the non-OSE version.

Yup.  That's the version I have installed.  It sees them but for some 
reason I can't use them.  I'll figure it out,

> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox
> see:
> To get USB support, you need the PUEL version. Via the GUI, there is an
> option to enable USB.

I did that.

> What they don't mention there is that you should add the USB in fstab.
> Here is mine:
> ## usbfs is the USB group in fstab file:
> none /proc/bus/usb usbfs devgid=124,devmode=664 0 0
> Good info here:
> <http://www.ubuntu-unleashed.com/2008/04/howto-install-virtualbox-in-hardy-heron.html>
> Start at:
> Setup VirtualBox USB Support
> Note: I had problems with networking in 1.6.0 and fellback to 1.5.6. I'd
> wait for 1.6.2 were I you.
> http://www.virtualbox.org/ticket/57

I;ll look at those links tomorrow.  Thanks.
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