bootup hangs...8.04

Rick rick0009 at
Tue May 27 21:35:25 UTC 2008

Have 3 external hard drives, usb
one ntfs Seagate FreeAgent 500, and 2 vfat

its funning when looking at the bootmenu (bios) there are
the two internal hard drive and cd  as choices... but 
also I saw this:;

Seagate freeagent - this was listed in the boot-menu as a option

Why is this appearing the boot-menu when there is NO FLAGS,
set for BOOT for the ntfs partition on the seagate freeagent 500gb
external drive.

I would have to un-plug all external machines, before
I would get the grub menu again.

Odd. Anyone ?

TIA x2


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