Turbotax, MS Flight Simulator, and Wintv USB2 install, but will not execute

Clayton smaug42 at gmail.com
Tue May 27 17:42:02 UTC 2008

> and ordered X-Plane a few minutes ago.

It has been my favorite flight sim for a long time (I prefer it over
Flightgear).  I love the environmental features.. rain, snow etc.  The
one that gets me all the time are the darned birds.  I like to fly an
old Ford Tri-Motor (bought the aircraft addon for the game) and I'll
be all nicely lined up, push to full throttle... and just as I take
off a flock of birds will fly out of the bushes or trees on the side
of the runway and splat splat splat... at least one engine conks
out... and then I usually crash.  i have managed a landing a few times
though :-)

There are lots of addons for this game. some free... others you have
to buy.  Most are available though the sister site
http://www.x-plane.org  If you don't mind paying for good quality
addons, I can recommend:
 - Heinz's Planes (go for the package deal)  The DC3s in this package
are really nice
 - Inside passage (scenery for Vancouver Canada area)
On the free addon side, the Paris and Madagascar addons are excellent
- the Paris one has a photo realistic component and looks amazing.
There are loads more on the .org community site.


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