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Tue May 27 16:51:10 UTC 2008

Dotan Cohen wrote:
> 2008/5/20 Paul Dwerryhouse <paul at>:
>>> 2. I downloaded the installation .iso last night, but was surprised that it
>>> took up only one CD-ROM disc. Is that only the base system, with other
>>> features/applets/software available for download at a later date?
>> It's more than just a base; there's a selection of useful applications
>> which are pretty much essential for a desktop (web browser, mail reader,
>> IM, etc). Everything else is available for easy download later.
> There is a DVD available that contains much more, but I am not sure
> exactly what:
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The difference between the CD and DVD is the amount of apps/programs 
that can be installed from the media directly. If, for example, you 
don't have an internet connection you can simply add the DVD to your 
list of repositories. Unlike some older versions, in Hardy, this is not 
ALL the packages in main/restricted, but instead, many well selected 
packages from those repositories.

As well, you get different installation options when you boot:

 From CD (LiveCD):
-Try Ubuntu without any change to your computer
-Install ubuntu (This is in graphical user interface mode)
-Check CD for Defects
-Test memory
-Boot from first hard disk

 From DVD:
-Start or install Ubuntu
-Start Ubuntu in safe graphics mode
-Install with driver update CD
-Install in text mode (Alternate CD included on the DVD)
-Install a server (Server CD is included on this DVD)
-OEM install (for manufacturers)
-Install a command-line-system
-Check CD for defects
-Memory test
-Boot from first hard disk

So as you can see, the DVD includes many CD's including Desktop, 
Alternate and Server. As well the DVD contains a Live environment which 
apparently supports more languages (wink wink Dotan).

Hope this answers your question.


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