Fw: Disk-Cleaner in Ubuntu

Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Tue May 27 16:20:56 UTC 2008

Karl Larsen wrote:

> Derek Broughton wrote:

>     Get off my back! 

Just as soon as you stop giving such useless - or often harmful - advice.

>     He said root and I took him to mean the root 
> directory. 

Because you didn't actually view the whole message, including attachments. 
He actually said his "root drive", which certainly isn't the same thing
as "root directory" (though he really meant his root filesystem).

> He now seems to mean the whole darn file system is 
> overloaded. That is another issue. Yes he can kill some logs but that is
> a bad thing to do.

Heavens!  Karl Larsen telling _me_ what's bad to do.  There are, on many
systems, logs that are not properly configured for logrotate.  There is no
excuse for logs that _have_ been rotated to be exceeding 10s of MB - which
is why I told him to delete only those.

In any case, logs are generally only ever of interest when you have a
problem - and except for disk space, he doesn't have one.

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