Turbotax, MS Flight Simulator, and Wintv USB2 install, but will not execute

Clayton smaug42 at gmail.com
Tue May 27 15:07:15 UTC 2008

> o Turbotax will briefly show the "hourglass" but the program never
> starts. No error messages.

Coan't comment on this one.

> o Flight Simulator provides the familiar start-up screen displaying the
> hourglass but terminates with an error such as ... Flight Simulator
> cannot work with your video card - please correct.

This is expected and correct.  The virtual video card is not exactly a
high performing one.  It is a simple basic "card" and not one you want
to use to play games - especially not one like a flight sim.

For flight sims, why not look into one that runs natively in Linux.
For realism, I can highly recommend X-Plane.  Version 9 has been
recently released and is very very good... http://www.x-plane.com

> o Wintv USB2 starts and displays the TV screen and controls, indicates
> which channel is selected, but no sound or video. The Sound is probably
> trivial to resolve but I have not further investigated. The CPU monitor
> indicates it is running (not frozen). No error messages.

What Hauppauge card of USB stick are you using?  Most (but not all)
will work natively in Linux using the v4l drivers.


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