Fw: Disk-Cleaner in Ubuntu

Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Tue May 27 12:45:56 UTC 2008

Karl Larsen wrote:

> master master wrote:
>> I am Ubuntu-user 7.04. I am having problem with my root drive. It is
>> currently 99% full. How can I make it free. I have tried Synaptec Package
>> Manager and removed some unused packages. But most of them, I could not
>> decide to delete. I am attaching the current status of my system as
>> images.
>> Is
>> there any utility like disk-cleaner in windows. I want to remove the
>> files that have no use to make space. Can I move packages to another
>> partition or drive because some drives are free and can have those
>> packages(without effecting the current softwares ).
>     It is very odd that you have too many files in /root/. A normal
> Linux has very little in that directory. Please show us how you measured
> the problem. I want to see a du -h in a terminal window.

Sheesh.  Karl, when will you get a clue?

It's not odd at all.  He has a single partition,
containing /, /usr, /home, /var, etc.  

The single most useful thing is to clean up /var - most of which does not
need to persist.

Start with:

# sudo aptitude clean         
(removes downloaded .debs) and then look at the contents of /var/log and
delete anything that runs to 10s of MB.  Another monster, that can just
grow forever, is ~/.xsession-errors (actually, it used to - I think that
was fixed).

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