Gutsy : Install Nagios2 via apt : any success ?

Philippe Didier pdidier at
Tue May 27 03:04:46 UTC 2008

Brian McKee wrote:
> On Mon, May 26, 2008 at 5:41 AM, Philippe Didier
> <pdidier at> wrote:
> While I haven't done it from apt, or version 2 for that matter,  the
> thing with Nagios was always that it wouldn't work 'as shipped' - you
> have to do at least some configuration to get output at all.  Take a
> look at the source install instructions and just start right after the
> 'make install' step :-)
> Version 1 required altering apache configs, setting up paths to the
> various executables required and editing nagios.conf
> While it's possible that apache and path settings were done by apt,  I
> doubt nagios.conf is useable out of the box.  There are too many
> different ways to use it, with too many different network styles
> around for a one size fits all starting point.
Thanks, I will check everything again. I am not far from making it work. Surely a right problem on some directories gives me an Internal Server Error 500.
The thing is that I just want to monitor some servers, mainly Linux, and check when they are offline at least, so I can do something. I don't want a lot of functionalities, at least not now.
Thanks for your answer,

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