Getting rid of MS

Jim Smith jim at
Tue May 27 02:08:29 UTC 2008

Paul S wrote:
> Jim Smith said the following on 05/26/2008 09:19 PM:
>> Could someone point me to the thread that describes how to move the
>> /home directory to another partition? I am going to remove MS WinXP Pro
> previous threads include
> Home on a separate drive 4/23/08
> Cookbook to get home into separate partition 4/7/08
> Can't make a /home partition 2/1/08
> Can't mount /dev/hda3, now I'm /home'less 12/20/07
> Move home to 2nd drive 12/11/07
> btw you ought to  try collecting these lists from the gmane archive in a 
> news reader program of your choice.  Then it's easy to search.
> regards,
Thank you for the suggestion, I will work on it.
Muchly appreciated.


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