Ubuntu Evangelism (OT)

Bart Silverstrim bsilver at chrononomicon.com
Tue May 27 01:00:57 UTC 2008

Derek Broughton wrote:
> steve wrote:
>> Dotan Cohen wrote:
>> | Was there ever an Ubuntu Evangelism mailing list?
>> ive never seen it.
>> I don't see mention
>> | of it on the lists.ubuntu.com page. In order to crack down on the
>> | rampant software pirating at my university, the university simply
>> | bought MS Windows and MS Office for everybody. This, while we have had
>> | three semesters in a row of strikes because the staff wants higher pay
>> | and the students want to pay less.
>> seems to be a common practice among teachers unions (antiquated labor
>> negotiation practices) work less, get paid more.  where else can you
>> work 8 months out of the year, have every weekend off, government
>> holiday off, not be held accountable for anything due to tenure, and
>> still bargain for more !!?
> Very funny.  He was talking about universities, where ime, "staff" generally
> means non-teaching employees, as opposed to faculty.  Perhaps your rant was
> completely off-target...

I'm assuming he has no or very little idea what the education market is 
really like. The more clueless people are about a topic, the more 
vociferous they get in ranting and railing against it, it seems. I'll 
apologize if he actually knows of what he speaks, but I've heard the 
same ranting from parents with absolutely zilch knowledge and are simply 
ticked at their taxes while having no idea what actually goes on in that 
kind of organization.

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