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steve sfreilly at roadrunner.com
Mon May 26 16:29:24 UTC 2008

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Dotan Cohen wrote:
| Was there ever an Ubuntu Evangelism mailing list?

ive never seen it.

I don't see mention
| of it on the lists.ubuntu.com page. In order to crack down on the
| rampant software pirating at my university, the university simply
| bought MS Windows and MS Office for everybody. This, while we have had
| three semesters in a row of strikes because the staff wants higher pay
| and the students want to pay less.

seems to be a common practice among teachers unions (antiquated labor
negotiation practices) work less, get paid more.  where else can you
work 8 months out of the year, have every weekend off, government
holiday off, not be held accountable for anything due to tenure, and
still bargain for more !!?(and the icing on the cake..... they really
think they deserve it).  The teachers union in our school district has
been fighting for over 6 months for more $$, They arent getting a dime
increase in salary, state test scores are the lowest in history, dropout
rate is the highest in history, and parents are no longer willing to
foot the bill.  just like every other employed person in this world....
do what your paid to do first, then we will talk about $$.  sorry for
the rant, this $#^& really gets me going.

They also bough Norton Antivirus
| for the whole university last semester after a virus outbreak.

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Steve Reilly


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