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Mon May 26 12:23:19 UTC 2008

On Mon, 2008-05-26 at 11:04 +0200, Florian Diesch wrote:
> SYNass IT Ubuntu / Linux <i-ubux at> wrote:
> [rutebook]
> > Be aware of: 
> > Looking at the front page I see it is from 2001 ...
> > ... and that seems quite old stuff !?
> Yes, some parts are a bit out of date, but most oft the book is still
> fine. 
> You may safely ignore the chapter about hardware ;-) The chapters
> about configuring specific software usually could give you some basic
> idea what's it about, but you should cponsult the software's docs to
> do the real work. On most systems lpr and lilo are replaced by CUPS
> and grub, so you may ignore that chapters. uucp is hardly used any
> more. In the chapters about the kernel and X some important modern
> things are missing (like udev, 3D graphics support).
>    Florian

Hi Florian
Thanks for your feedback and the hints to the chapter about HW !
Well, from OS/2 I am used to look for not the latest gags and gigs in
this case !! ;-)

Being a retired IT fossil my intentions is more in reducing all and any
efforts cutting my "old boy's" leisure time !!! ;-D

The most important SW for me is, and also will be on Ubuntu, Lotus Notes
and with Lotus Notes not running properly under Ubuntu 8.04 LTS I
definitely stop being an avid OS/2 Warp user after near 15 years  !! ;-|

Started with this "Free Book for learning Ubuntu / Linux" thread I gotta
some links to interesting guides and information. On the other hand I am
willing to pay for a good book i.e. like from O'Reilly's Linux Pocket
Guide and its Essential Commands or their Free Ubuntu Linux E-Books:

Cheers, svobi

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