Mount USB HDD to a certain /media/folder after boot

Derek Broughton news at
Sun May 25 23:13:52 UTC 2008

SYNass IT Ubuntu / Linux wrote:

> On Sun, 2008-05-25 at 07:47 +0200, Mario Vukelic wrote:
>> I don't know why all you people are messing around with fstab and UUIDs
>> for external disks. Since ...
> ... I am not alone with this problem: There must be something as we say:
> Where smoke is ...
> ... there mus be fire too !? ;-)
> 1) Some of us are experts and everything gets automatic and smooth ;-)
> 2) Some of us are greenhorns and newbies and things do not get automatic
> and smooth ;-(
> Unfortunately I am among the 2nd ! ;-|

You missed "(3) some of us think we know what we're doing, so we mess with
fstab".  The thing is, newbies usually get proper handling of external
drives, because they don't know enough to mess with fstab.  Externals
should _not_ be in fstab, unless you really know what you're doing, because
we don't automount anything in fstab except at boot time.


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