Rhythmbox Crashes

Aaron soulblade at ntlworld.com
Sun May 25 13:40:41 UTC 2008

Aaron wrote:
> Liam McCombes wrote:
>> When playing music, Rhythmbox has started to randomly become 
>> unresponsive whilst playing music, forcing me to end it using the 
>> killall command. When I open Rhythmbox again it freezes up as soon as 
>> I try to play a song. Can anyone provide help with this issue?
> Hi there,
> What version of Ubuntu are you running and when you use Rhythmbox what 
> other applications are running when it freezes up?
> Using Wine apps in Ubuntu 8.04 can sometimes cause some native apps to 
> be missing if the wine app was started first. (In my experience YMMV.)
> Also some info on your hardware may help :-)
*missing sound

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