Ubuntu Truncating Disk Partitions

Ben2K ben2k_xsxl at trashmail.net
Sun May 25 00:59:51 UTC 2008

I recently swapped out my laptop harddrive for a larger 160GB model. I first
created the partitions I wanted, significantly expanding /home and
/usr/local. Then I copied everything with Clonezilla. After some boot
difficulties, I got everything running.

The problem is that the /home and /usr/local partitions (/dev/sda8 and
/dev/sda9) are sized at 40GB and 45GB. respectively. Both are ext3. This
info is correctly reported by fdisk, gparted, and even Nautilus. But when I
do a df, or try to use the space, df reports that both partitions have been
truncated to 9.9GB!

         /dev/sda8             10365264   8994932    843804  92% /home
         /dev/sda9             10365264   9082556    756180  93% /usr/local

BTW, I'm running kernel 2.6.24-16-generic and Ubuntu 8.04, Hardy.

How do I fix this, and get access to the missing space?
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