audacity crashing

Richard Schulze richard.schulze at
Thu May 22 12:08:47 UTC 2008

Hello Ubuntu team,

I have been using ubuntu for quite some time - it is great!

However, audacitiy 1.3.4 on Ubuntu 7.10 and 1.3.5 on Ubuntu 8.04
on two different laptops (Sony, HP) are constantly crashing. On both
laptops earlier versions of audacity were running perfectly

I have installed audacity 1.2.6 from Ubuntu 7.04 under Ubuntu 8.04
to solve the problem which was not trivial.

Maybe, you could provide a (link to a) debian package with a stable
version of audacity  together with a short howto for Ubuntu users
who need to downgrade?

If you wish more details on the crashing of audacity, let me know.

Thank you and best regards,


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