Benchmarking Solidworks in VirtualBox and VMWare Server

TedB tedb at
Wed May 21 11:18:48 UTC 2008

I was wondering, we are looking at getting Solidworks here, and are now using
a Fedora file server. From what we understand the 2008 version of SoildWorks
does not run on Linux, but can you use a Linux file server to store the

dotancohen wrote:
> On 17/03/2008, Robert Holtzman <holtzm at> wrote:
>> Gee. When I interviewed at IAI years ago, they were still on the board.
>> I'm surprised that Pro-Engineer hasn't made inroads there.
> I don't know about IAI specifically (though I cannot imagine such an
> advanced company would not be using CAD), but most job positions
> require experience in SW. In fact, I don't know of anyone using
> anything else in my faculty. If you are have contacts at mechanical
> engineering at the technion, ask about CAD. I'm really interested to
> hear from you, what they have to say.
> Note that there is a Pro/Engineer poster hanging on the wall in the
> faculty. Other than that, though, I'm not aware of any real presence.
> Dotan Cohen
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