ram music files [SOLVED]

Joseph ubuntu at e-pops.org
Sun May 25 02:40:40 UTC 2008

Mario Vukelic wrote:
> On Sat, 2008-05-24 at 15:32 -0500, Larry Shields wrote:
>> I see where in your terminal you are typing the chmod +x to make 
>> RealPlayer excutable...The command is " chmod a+x
>> RealPlayer11GOLD.bin....
> True, but that actually makes no difference, so I left it out :)

I wasn't sure so I tried it.  Of course it didn't work.  But that's ok.  I now have it working by doing the following:

ragweed at ragweed-den:~/Desktop$ sudo RealPlayer11GOLD.bin.tar.gz
sudo: RealPlayer11GOLD.bin.tar.gz: command not found
ragweed at ragweed-den:~/Desktop$ sudo ./RealPlayer11GOLD.bin
Extracting files for Helix installation........................

This was with the generous and understanding assistance given me off list by one who gave precise and clear instructions.

It installed and working great.

Thanks those of you who tried so hard to help me get this working.


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