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Larry Shields larryesu at charter.net
Sat May 24 20:32:15 UTC 2008

Joseph wrote:
> Mario Vukelic wrote:
>> On Fri, 2008-05-23 at 16:38 -0500, Joseph wrote:
>>> I found a RealPlayer for Linux at
>>> https://player.helixcommunity.org/ and it gave me a tarball that I'm
>>> not positive how to 
>>> install.
>> I don't know what else I should do than pointing you, for the third
>> time, to the link I gave, which explains exactly what to do with the
>> Realplayer tarball
> I know you're a bit perturbed with my actions here, but when I try things and they don't work, I try something else.  I'd 
> gone to the page you'd suggested and attempted the commands.  Keep in mind, I'm quite new at this so I could be entering some 
>   things amiss.
> My commands in the Terminal are as follows:
> ragweed at ragweed-den:~$ sudo chmod +x realplayer11GOLD.bin[sudo] password for ragweed:
> chmod: cannot access `realplayer11GOLD.bin': No such file or directory
> ragweed at ragweed-den:~$ sudo chmod +x realplayer11GOLD.bin.tar.gz
> chmod: cannot access `realplayer11GOLD.bin.tar.gz': No such file or directory
> ragweed at ragweed-den:~$ cd /home/ragweed/Desktop/
> ragweed at ragweed-den:~/Desktop$ sudo chmod +x RealPlayer11GOLD.bin.tar.gz
> ragweed at ragweed-den:~/Desktop$ sudo RealPlayer11GOLD.bin.tar.gz
> sudo: RealPlayer11GOLD.bin.tar.gz: command not found
> ragweed at ragweed-den:~/Desktop$ sudo apt-get install pulse-utils
> E: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11 Resource temporarily unavailable)
> E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?
> ragweed at ragweed-den:~/Desktop$ padsp realplay
> exec: 88: realplay: not found
> ragweed at ragweed-den:~/Desktop$
> The file is "RealPlayer11GOLD.bin.tar.gz" as well as "RealPlayer11GOLD.bin" on my desktop, as I'm sure you can see.  Also, 
> I'd tried both using command both ways.  Neither works.
> To be honest, I, as with many, learn far better by doing it from simple but precise directives, rather than from text with so 
> many variables, as with the page you suggested.
> What changes should I make in my commands to get this to work?
*I see where in your terminal you are typing the chmod +x to make 
RealPlayer excutable...The command is " chmod a+x RealPlayer11GOLD.bin....


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