Are there any good form/report generator programs for Linux yet?

Chris G cl at
Fri May 23 10:48:40 UTC 2008

Every so often I decide I'll try and replace my one remaining major
program that requires MS Windows - it's an Access database based
accounts program that I wrote myself.  Currently I run it using VMWare
(shortly to be VirtualBox I suspect).

So, I'm looking again, are there any good (or even reasonable)
programs out there in Linux land which can help me create forms for
database input and reports for output?  I'm quite happy that there are
tools (and databases) suitable for the 'innards', mySql and Postgresql
will both do the honours with no trouble at all and I'm sure there are
others.  However I have yet to find any tools for designing forms and
reports which are anywhere near as easy (and flexible) as Access, is
there anything new (or greatly improved) that I may not have come
across yet?

Chris Green

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