Winows emulator

Clayton smaug42 at
Fri May 23 10:07:19 UTC 2008

> I've been moving from VMWare to VirtualBox and I must say I'm very
> impressed with VirtualBox.
> However there is one issue, you need a Windows licence to run either
> VMWare or VirtualBox whereas you don't need one to run Windows
> programs in Wine. (At least I don't think you do!)

A clarification... you need a Windows license to run Windows in VMWare
or VirtualBox.  You do not need a Windows license to run VMWare or
VirtualBox.  VMWare and VirtualBox can be used to host a variety of
operating systems including Linux, OpenSolaris, OS/2 etc... not just

Some people have even managed to install OSX in VirtualBox (although
this requires a modified version of the OSX install DVD, and you are
probably breaking the Apple ELUA even if you own the original OSX


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