Hebrew Used With Ubuntu?

Avi Schwartz ubuntu-users352 at cfftechnologies.com
Fri May 23 01:53:14 UTC 2008

Xurxo Fernandez wrote:

>         i would like to generaly write in English, but switch to Hebrew
>         when I need it.
> I cannot tell you about hebrew in particular, but Linux is quite
> flexible regarding languages. You want your computer in french, just
> download the language pack. Japanese, hebrew... you name it. Switching
> from an english desktop to a hebrew one is just as easy as closing the
> session and changing the default language. I have my computer in
> japanese and I use SCIM to switch from english input to japanese. If I
> want to run an application in english (i.e. gimp) I write LANG=en and
> the name of the application in the terminal.
Here is how I setup my computer to be able to write in Hebrew:

1. System>Preferences>Keyboard
2. Select the Layouts tab
3. Click on Add
4. In the Layout select Israel. Leave Variant as Default. Click Add
5. Click on Layout Options. In the layout switching section select which
key combination will switch between the keyboard layouts.
6. Optional. You may want to add the Keyboard Indicator widget to the
panel so you can see (and change) which keyboard layout is now active.

Thats it.


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