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Karl Larsen k5di at zianet.com
Thu May 22 20:32:13 UTC 2008

Derek Broughton wrote:
> Avi Greenbury wrote:
>>> Do you actually intentionally make "stupid" mistakes that can never
>>> possibly
>>> work? That's what a config tool should prevent.  When a config value
>>> needs to be a domain name, it may be desirable to permit domains that
>>> can't currently be resolved, but it's never going to desirable to allow
>>> you to enter a domain that could never be registered.
>> It depends on your interpretation of 'stupid' and 'never', I suppose.
>> What kind of domain that could never be registered, and that no-one
>> will ever want in their configuration, do you have in mind?
> Anything that's syntactically incorrect.
>> If you have, as you say, an idiot who can not and will not learn, and
>> they should be prevented from screwing up the servers, the easiest way
>> to accomplish that is to not let them anywhere near them, and let
>> someone who has learnt do the configuration.
> And I'm being accused of not living in the real world.  The world is full of
> pointy-haired bosses who couldn't care less that they've put the least
> technically competent person in charge of their web server...
    I WAS the boss, and I was accused many times of putting the wrong 
guy in the wrong place. When your the boss, you listen with care, and 
then be quiet. Learn from what you were told. If the guy DOES have a 
problem with the job, ask him what he would rather be doing. If he likes 
his job, explain the problems you see. If he would rather be doing 
another job you need then put him there in a two week moving window. 
Tell the new Division Chief about his new man and the history.

    I learned that the color of the skin has nothing to do with 
performance. I learned a PHd can be lazy and poor at the job he took. I 
had people who were way smarter than I am and better workers. I had a 
girl who just got out of High School with a C- grade average. Hired her 
to shuffle papers and found I liked her. Put her in the Development Lab 
and she drove the boss there mad asking questions. As she learned she 
smiled more and got to where she was getting assignments that she could 
do very well. She was promoted to Senior Tech with a big raise.  I asked 
if she would attend Los Angeles City College and I paid the cost. She 
got straight A grades for 2 years. On to UCLA and a BSEE and then MSEE 
and then Stanford and PHd. She worked for me the entire time I was in 
business. Got a huge amount of money back.



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