sharing computers

andy baxter andy at
Thu May 22 16:16:18 UTC 2008

Gary Kirkpatrick wrote:
> Thanks for the suggestions?  What I want to do is network over the 
> wireless.  I have a laptop and a desktop.  Share files, printer 
> (apparently Lexmark does not support Linux), etc.
> Not sure if I have nautilus.  I'll check.  I should be able to find it 
> somewhere if I don't.
If you're running ubuntu with the standard gnome desktop (not kde), 
you're already using nautilus - it's the gnome file manager and it looks 
after your desktop as well. If you're running kde it's different - 
personally I'm starting to think that ubuntu's kde support isn't so good 
after a brief look (someone tell me I'm wrong because I like ubuntu on 
the whole).


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