sharing computers

Catalin David c.david at
Thu May 22 11:44:48 UTC 2008

Gary Kirkpatrick wrote:
> Need help with how to share computers.  I can not seem to find any 
> kubuntu documentation and the ubuntu stuff does not seem to work.  Am 
> a newbie and very good at Windows but not a programmer.
> Can connect to the net just fine.  Other computer only has windows- is 
> that ok?
> Thanks

I don't quite understand what you want to do, but...  I'll try to help.
If you are trying to access Windows share on another computer, there is 
some stuff you need.
First of all, install Samba: $ sudo apt-get install samba and then open 
nautilus and type in the address bar: 
smb://the_name_or_ip_of_the_computer_you_want_to_access ...
One more thing, I remember in Gutsy even having a sharing tool somewhere 
in System -> Administration -> Sharing , but I don't find it in Hardy.

If you want to share something from your computer, in Hardy, just 
right-click a folder, and you have sharing options.

I think that would be it, if I understood the problem correctly.

All the best,

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